Be Soliflore social sensorial experience

Global talent led by Craig Hook, Owner & Creative Director. Stellar design team of creatives, artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, arrangers, collaborators. Experienced in the business as well as fresh out of renowned fashion, design and merchandising schools. We are in San Mateo, Los Angeles, New York, France, Italy, and the U.K.

Customers and audience in major fashion centers, large and small U.S. and non-U.S. cities, and in small corners across continents. We use technology to socialize with the audience and to introduce the brand, products, and designs evincing our beliefs and what we stand for.

Supply chain, partners and vendors with global reach touching large established companies as well as small businesses.

Our brand ethos is to create chic, modern, and elegant fragrance and apparel products under strict quality, sustainability and safety goals.

We believe in quality, safety, transparency, honesty, diligence, and care.



2019: Production of ‘Oeillet For Keeps’ fashion piece; first customer sale for fragrance; fragrance reviews by our community; unveiling of the Be Soliflore ‘All flowers not one particular flower’ logo; expansion of Be Soliflore community building efforts.

2018: Production of initial fragrance products and ‘Exploding Petals’ fashion piece; Be Soliflore community building; ‘Exploding Petals’ shoot in Malibu, California and selection by Vogue Italia PHOTOVOGUE.

2017: Fragrance, packaging and brand development.

2016: Founded

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